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Why Skydive? Why Not!

Skydiving may have been started with the military as a means to transport troops and supplies to remote areas quickly, but from that, it developed into a worldwide sport. It is probably the closest any human can come to actually flying without the aid of anything mechanical, and for some people, the need for speed and the ultimate rush can not be fulfilled without jumping.

Does that mean that you have to be an adrenaline junkie to skydive? Absolutely not. Skydiving not only provides a good way to exercise, but is a great form of camaraderie and friendship between you and other skydivers. It's like an unofficial, world-wide fraternity, and no matter where you're from, what language you speak, what deity you worship (or not at all), all skydivers around the world have a common bond. They have done and experienced something that most people haven't, and there's a certain twinkle in each and every one of their eyes, because they KNOW what it's like to soar with the angels.

Tandem Skydive

The most popular of first-time methods gives the first-timer a TOTAL introduction to skydiving. After about one hour of instruction, the student and instructor, gear up and are airlifted to an altitude of 10,000 feet above the ground. Connected to each other, in tandem, student and instructor exit the aircraft and skydive for 25-40 seconds, descending 4000 to 5000 feet and reaching speeds of up to 120 MPH, then deploy their main parachute, large enough to support and land both of them safely. The student, assisted by the instructor then flies the parachute to a safe landing, several thousand feet below.


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Skydive New Mexico
240 Airport Road
New Mexico
NM 87002

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