Skydive Kentucky

Kentucky's best skydiving center. We have an experienced and friendly staff offering the first-time parachute jumper and long-time jumpers.

Company Description

Skydive Kentucky jumpers come from Louisville, Bowling Green, Fort Campbell, Fort Knox, Frankfort, Lexington and surrounding states, such as Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee to learn to skydive at our dropzone. We have repeat customers because of our outstanding service and attention to detail. A drop zone for your first-time skydive adventure, once in a lifetime parachuting experience or to become a skydiver. Our parachute center is the place to skydive in Kentucky.

First Time Jumpers

Tandem Skydiving - Tandem jumps are meant to offer an introduction to the sport. Tandem skydiving is currently the most popular way to make your first jump. A tandem skydive will allow the first time jumper to experience free fall while attached in front of an experienced jumper. A tandem jump only requires a few minutes of ground preparation (it is not a Solo First Jump Course). The passenger and tandem master each wear a harness. however only the tandem master wears the parachutes. The passenger's harness attached to the front of the master's harness and the two of them free fall together for about 30 seconds. open the parachute together. and land together under one Really BIG Parachute.

Static line First Jump Course - This method has evolved over the last ~30 years from its military origins into a successful method for training sport parachutists. The student gets 4-5 hours of ground training and is then taken to an altitude of about 3200 feet for the jump. The jump itself consists of a simple hanging or poised exit from the airplane. As the student falls away from the plane, the deployment of the main canopy is initiated a "Static line" attached to the aircraft. The student will experience only a very short free fall before the opening of the main parachute is initiated.

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) / Solo Freefall - AFF/Tandem program was instituted in 1982 as an "accelerated" learning process as compared to the traditional Static line progression. If you want to be on the FAST TRACK to becoming a skydiver this is what you’re looking for.

After participating in a first jump ground school lasting 4 to 6 hours you may be asked to do a Static line jump familiarize yourself with skydiving before your first Accelerated Freefall (AFF) jump. On your first AFF jump you exit from the airplane with two USPA AFF Instructors. They free fall together for up to 50 seconds depending on the jump altitude, usually about 11,500 feet. On your first jumps the instructor maintain a grip on your harness and give you in-air instruction via hand signals and assist with stability when necessary. You will open the parachute around 4,500 feet and another instructor on the ground will assist you in piloting the parachute via verbal guidance via a radio mounted in your helmet. Plan on spending the entire day at the parachute center for your training and jump.





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Skydive Kentucky
1824 Kitty Hawk Drive
KY 42701

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