Oklahoma Skydiving Center

The Oklahoma Skydiving Center is a world class full-service skydiving center who only use USPA rated instructors and training methods, and we use only equipment designed and manufactured for student use.

Company Description

Oklahoma's largest skydiving center is located conveniently between Tulsa and Oklahoma City, on the 350 acre Cushing Regional Airport. These 350 acres provide you with the largest unobstructed landing area in Oklahoma. Oklahoma Skydiving Center has the equipment, facility, training methods and staff to provide you with a "student friendly" environment.

"Oklahoma's largest and most experienced skydiving school"

Learn to Skydive - Oklahoma Skydiving Center uses an innovative mixture of practical exercises, lectures and videos to explain the steps involved in making your first skydive. Some of the progressive training we use includes simulated systems operations such as canopy flight control, harness functions, also aircraft procedures and exits. Skydiving skills are discussed, described, and practiced until you and the instructor are both satisfied with your performance. At the end of your training you should feel confident and comfortable with your decision to enter the unique sport of skydiving.

Solo First Skydive
- The most popular method of learning to skydive is the solo first skydive. The solo program is the progressive form of the old static line method, and begins with a 4-6 hour ground school covering parachute flight and landing procedures, equipment familiarization, aircraft exits and body positions, and emergency procedures. The same day you finish school, you will make your first skydive. Assisted by an instructor, you will begin your skydive by exiting the aircraft at approximately 4,000 feet. After a freefall of about 500 feet you will begin your canopy descent. You will receive guidance via our Motorola FCC licensed radio frequency from a staff member on the ground. Many people like to make a second skydive the same day. Solo skydiving has fifteen training jumps, each with a specific learning objective leading you to become a licensed skydiver.

Accelerated Freefall - Accelerated Freefall is training for students who want to experience freefall on their first skydive. You exit the aircraft at 10,000 feet with two instructors to hold and guide you through the approximately 45 seconds of freefall. Accelerated Freefall training consists of seven training skydives, each with specific learning objectives that allow you to learn and advance at a rapid pace. The instructors watch each move and assist you when necessary. Accelerated Freefall training begins with a 5-7 hour ground school, after which you will make your first skydive.

Tandem Skydive - Tandem offers you the opportunity to experience the long freefalls enjoyed by advanced skydivers on your first jump. After a short period of instruction, you will be harnessed to a certified tandem instructor who will assist you through a freefall of approximately 45 seconds from an altitude of 10,000 feet, and a 5-10 minute canopy ride.


Oklahoma Skydiving Center


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