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We are a Texas company that provides oak aging barrels to the home user. The smaller the barrel the faster the aging process. We offer customization on the barrel heads and a unique gift item.


We offer personalization for your Oak Aging Barrels. Your barrel can be personalized with names, phrases, or logos. We offer both vinyl and laser engraving for the personalization. Laser engraving is available for the 1 and 2 liter barrels and vinyl is available for all size barrels.


Add any dark spirit or red wine to the barrel. Let stand to acquired taste. Smaller barrels age faster because of the increased surface area to volume ratio. The longer it’s aged in the barrel the better your spirits become. A smaller barrel has a higher surface to volume ratio, which causes the charred barrel to filter and age your spirits much faster. Your barrel will age spirits or wine in one to two months what it takes a 55 gallon barrel a year to age. Nothing ages in a bottle, only in a charred oak barrel.


Add 1 bottle of essence to one liter of unflavored vodka or Everclear, if you want that extra kick, to the barrel using a funnel. Fill until full only leaving room for the bung. Let age for 10 to 14 days . The longer it is aged the better and cleaner your spirit becomes. Use 1 bottle of essence for every liter of spirits you are making.


The Bootleg Box is a prepackaged combination of our American Oak Aging Barrels and our Essences used for making your own spirits. Plus, we give you one of our cleaning kits so you can clean out your barrel if you decide to change essence flavors.

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Deep South Barrels
7403 Northfork Dr
TX 77584

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