Soiree South & Co.

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Soirée South & Co. plans, designs, coordinates and directs life's celebrations where execution is flawless and the details shine. We pride ourselves on remarkable customer service and superior design, working hard to stay on top of current trends and on the pulse of fresh concepts that we incorporate into each event. We share a mirrored passion for your upcoming celebration and by enlisting Soirée South & Co., you can be confident that each and every aspect of your event will exude absolute perfection.

Soirée South & Co. is located in Atlanta, Georgia, serving all of the Southern United States and travels to any destination in order to produce the most beautiful weddings, spectacular parties and unforgettable events.

Let us do the work so you can enjoy life, the love, the laughter and celebrate well!

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Soiree South & Co.
4095 Rockingham Drive
GA 30075

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