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Southern Skies is a real business, not just a website. We operate a shop with many Gliders , Motors, Harnesses, Helmets and Accessories stocked.

All spare parts for Fresh Breeze motors are available and shipped by UPS daily. A full service machine shop and a sewing shop on site can do most repairs immediately...

Real people answer the phone, help you with problems and are generally here for you like we have been since 1994. We pledge to be here for you tomorrow and for years to come.

Our equipment is top of the line, high quality gear, mostly engineered and safety certified in Germany.

Powered Tandems

So you want to try it ... Don't want to commit to training ??? Try a tandem instructional flight. Our USPPA Instructor Chris Bowles will take you up in a foot launch tandem PPG or our Xcitor for a flight in the free clean NC air. A once in a lifetime gift for a loved one, friend, or to see if flying is for you.

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Southern Skies
184 Southern Skies Dr.
North Carolina
NC 28681

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