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Hi, Welcome to the world of MODELING. The primary goal of the John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center is to train students and make maximum use of their natural talents and to intelligently and effectively pursue their careers in modeling and in related areas which good looks and great grooming are at a premium. As new concepts and principles are introduced throughtout the course, they are explained, and illustrated with practical applications. Our programs reflect real-market experiences - the skills that our models practice in fashion capitals around the world.

Womens Professional Modeling

This course is designed for the person who is interested in modeling and the many careers related to modeling. Each class unit examines one specific area of professional modeling techniques. The close relationship the Center enjoys with ELITE agencies guarantees that classes will correspond exactly to current realities and demands. Sufficient time is set aside for individual counseling and career guidance. The John Casablancas Professional Modeling Course gives you all the practical exposure required in launching a career.

Mens Professional Modeling

Appearance counts for men as well as women and its importance is finally being recognized. This course addresses the subject thoroughly, offering the student training in basic techniques that apply to modeling and those many careers in which appearance and poise are at a premium . . . often the difference between success and failure.

Pre Teen Modeling

Character and appearance are fashioned early on. The John Casablancas Pre-Teen course helps children properly discover, evaluate and enhance potential. Subjects include posture, walk, grooming, etiquette, hair care, skin care, and an introduction to runway, photography, make-up and television techniques.

Television Commercial Acting

This course will introduce students to the techniques of television and film acting and help prepare them for work as performers in commercial television and film. Students will be exposed to a wide range of acting experiences including commercial and dramatic readings, voice, speech training and movement exercises. It's a fun-filled course during which students learn about acting, movies or building self-confidence for any career. See yourself on videotape!

Make up Artistry

Make-Up Artistry plays an integral role in film, TV commericals, fashion and print advertising and editorial, as well as in cosmetic company activities, department store counters and through beauty salons that cater to the general public. Professional training, specialized equipment, workshops, and interaction with Center models, students and photographers give you the practical exposure this growing profession requires.

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John Casablancas Modeling
45185 Joy Rd.
Suite 101
MO 48187

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