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Your Drive A Tank Day

An even MORE exciting tank driving adventure, now including a historic military firearm test in our new indoor shooting range! Bolt action to live full auto machine guns, you make the choice.

Your tank driving adventure will include:

Part 1: Tanks and Armored Fighting Vehicles

Arrive at the Drive A Tank Armory, registration and check in.

Armored vehicle safety and familiarization class with Q & A in the Troop Training Room. Here you will learn about various armored vehicles, how they are used and where they are used.

Tour of Restoration, Maintenance and Storage Facility in the Motor Pool.

Transport to field command HQ in a classic military transport vehicle. Follow up with a final safety briefing and driving tips.

Drive your first tank, this will include driving our Abbot tank through the challenging wooded course with your instructor, “riding shotgun”, with you.

Next, drive your second tank! This will be the FV432 APC through a challenge course. However, this will be a little more exciting because you will drive this vehicle using nothing more than the small vision periscopes to guide you way. (If you feel this may be too much, you may experience the drive with the hatch open.)

Transport back to the motor pool in a classic military transport vehicle.

CAR CRUSH! (If one is booked by a participant that day) First we go over basic car crushing tips and required safety guidelines. Once again, your instructor will be right beside you to guide you along.

Picture time. There will be time allotted for pictures with vehicles you just drove and the car(s) crushed.

Part 2: Historic Military Firearms

Re-group at the troop training facility for Firearm Safety, Small Arms Familiarization and Usage course. Here you will learn about various historic military firearms and how they were used, where they were used and who used them.

Choose which firearm(s) you would most like to test fire in our indoor range. (Amount of ammo varies by firearm, but is usually around thirty rounds for belt fed)

Next, you will be issued your appropriate and required safety gear and granted clearance to enter the live-fire range.

Test fire, the range is a controlled training environment where you will be accompanied by your instructor. Muzzle of all firearms will be controlled to ensure 100% safety in the range. Up/down and side to side travel will be limited within a reasonable amount to ensure you get a feel for recoil climb, but still maintain safety in the range.

Once all participants have fired their allotted amount of ammunition, there will be an opportunity to purchase more range time and test fire additional firearms.

Team Building / Commercial

Let Drive A Tank build your company a custom team building package. Bring your employees or clients to Drive A Tank World Headquarters for a fresh and unique team building experience.

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Drive A Tank
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MN 56050

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