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Big Dog Pyro is a pyrotechnics & special effects provider for film, TV, and both corporate and private events.
Share your creative vision—no matter how outrageous—with the team at Big Dog Pyro. We’ll put our crew to work to design, build, and bring your concept to explosive fruition.
Discovering new, inventive, (and always safe) methods to achieve spectacular results is what drives our craft. We’re here to push boundaries, wow audiences, and do what no one else has been bold, skilled, or imaginative enough to do before. Our experienced, professional team at Big Dog Pyro is licensed, insured, and best of all, a literal and figurative blast to work with.

From big, bad production explosions to dreamy, elegant wedding fireworks and everything in between, we’ve got an impressive menu of pyro and special effects that fit the bill for your level of heat or…disaster.

- Fireworks
- Indoor & Outdoor Pyrotechnics
- Gerbs, Mines, Comets, Airbursts, Saxons, and Robotics
- Colored Smoke & Other Atmospheric Effects
- Confetti
- Sparkling Waterfalls
- Stage Pyro, Stage Fog/Smoke, Haze
- Close Proximity Pyrotechnics
- Pyrotechnic Logos & Product Unveilings

These effects can enhance any show or event. They are perfect for a high-impact effect in a tight event site where a traditional firework display might not be suitable.

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Big Dog Pyro LLC
2028 E Ben White Blvd Ste 240-29825
TX 78741

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